Emerging ecosystems of information and city: Anglo digital repository

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“Emerging ecosystems of information and city: Anglo digital repository”

Lafluf Cuevas, Marcos; Barber Sarasola, Gabriela; García Amen, Fernando

p. 730-737 . In: . São Paulo: Blucher, 2018. ISSN 2318-6968, DOI 10.5151/sigradi2018-1510

This paper focuses on the implementation of a digital repository and content management of the Museo de la Revolución Industrial, in Fray Bentos, as part of a project carried out in the context of the I+D project «La ciudad inteligente; un palimpsesto digital», currently under development in the Laboratory of Advanced Digital Visualization (Vidialab) of the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism (FADU).
The project main theme is the emerging paradigm of Smart Cities with focus on the territory as an integral cultural landscape. The experience, implementation, processed involved and related topics, are described and analyzed theoretically, in the search of architectural and historical heritage dissemination.

Keywords: Heritage; Smart City; TIC; Digital repository; Dissemination of heritage; Free software

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