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Publicación Real de San Carlos

Nombre del artículo:
«Plaza de Toros Real de San Carlos: hacia una  gestión integral».

Publicación del Proyecto ALFA III GAVIOTA.

Arq. Marcelo Payssé, Arq. Miguel Odriozola, Arq. Jorge Assandri, Arq. Fernando García Amen. 2014.

ISBN: 978-950-757-046-9

Cultural landscapes, although complex realities, give shape and meaning to the tangible and intangible components which form the foundations of human cultural background.
The architecture of the city of Colonia del Sacramento fits within this context, and builds up a unique cultural landscape inserted in the logic of the historical heritage protection system. This concept, which implies wealth but also conflicts, demands a multidisciplinary approach grounded on a wide vision of this issue.
Likewise, this comprehensive approach contributes to reverse and correct the lack of capacity and/or interest to save these examples of man-made landscape (prefabrication, mega-projects of the beginnings of the 20th Century, etc.), which are essential pieces of heritage conservation.
This work sets three aims:
• To raise awareness about certain situations that require urgent action.
• To promote heritage recovery through different interdisciplinary initiatives involved in the ICTs. [Information and Communication Technology]
• To implement the recovery and enhancement proceedings of Real de San Carlos Bullring as a man-made landscape and as an element included in its own social dynamics.
Keywords: Recovery, Management, Bullring, Heritage, Virtual Heritage, Cultural Landscape, New uses, Sustainability.

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