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«RADAR; Regions, Areas and Directioning in Augmented Reality».

Arq. Juan Pablo Portillo; Arq. Fernando García Amen; Bach. Luis Flores Andrade.

SIGRADI 2010. ISBN: 978-958-695-565-2.

This work stems from our research on augmented reality (AR); it is focused on the development of AR applications for smartphones. This research was motivated by many factors including the reality that: mobile phones have become commonplace in our societies, there is high demand for access to real – time information, and that smartphones are practical, powerful, and compact devices that are available in developed as well as emerging economies. In light of such facts this work presents a case study and proposes the development of an application capable of linking the most remarkable features of smarthphones (GPS, camera, accelerometer, internet access, and compass).

Keywords: Application; Augmented reality; Information; Real-time; Smartphone

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